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Pricing for our Business Directory

cost of our services

Yes, we do charge. But pricing starts from just £1.00 per 1 year. This is to prevent Spam listings which takes up valuable time and resources. All income goes towards the maintenance and upkeep of this busy website.

£1 Listing

£ 1.00
Per year
  • One Listing
  • 365 Days Availability
  • No Contact Display
  • Background Image Header
  • Slider Image Content
  • No Keywords/Tags
  • No Price Range
  • No FAQs
  • Non-Featured
  • Limited Support
Choose £1 Listing

Extended Listings

£ 8.00
Per year
  • Add up to Ten Listings
  • 365 Days Availability
  • Contact Display
  • 2 Header Styles
  • 2 Content Widgets
  • Keywords/Tags
  • Price Range
  • FAQs
  • Featured In Search Results
  • Save at least £2.00 per year
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Professional – Ideal for SEO Agencies

£ 10.00
Per month
  • Unlimited Listings
  • Ideal for SEO Agencies
  • Lifetime Availability (Whilst Subscription remains live)
  • Contact Display
  • 3 Header style
  • 3 Content Widgets
  • Keywords/Tags
  • Price Range and FAQ’s
  • Featured In Search Results
  • First 7 Days for Free
Choose Professional – Ideal for SEO Agencies

24 Hour Access to your account

Our website is up 97% of the time and we have backup servers in place just in case anything should happen.

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Update your listings on inter-search quickly and easily by logging in. Easily done in minutes and keeping the listing fresh for the customer is important.

Mobile Friendly Directory

This website has been designed with a Mobile First mentality. We all use our Smartphones to find the products and services we need.

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